Escort Rennes

My little presentation

I am a beautiful 23-year-old non-operated trans woman, feminine and sensual. I am from Britany ❤️.
I do this job out of desire and choice to pay for my studies and I am totally independent of any human trafficking.
I have hazel eyes and long light brown hair, all for 1m69.
I will see what I can do for you and to fulfill all of your desires, even the most shameful ones that you cannot do with other people close to you! ❤️
I am not active with my penis for sex. You can suck me off if you dominated me though.


Before making an appointment, make sure that this appointment will not put you in a difficult situation economically, I do not want to ruin you.
I only come to your home or hotel. I do not receive, it is not negotiable. I am available in Rennes and its surroundings at no additional cost. Beyond that I have to cover my car costs and there will be a supplement which will only be used to cover travel costs.
Appointments should ideally be made in advance, for my own organization. A 20% deposit is required as long as you are not regular, I had too much rabbit to trust the 1st date.
For regular and correct people (from 3 appointments every 3 months), I make a reduction of 30%. Or 140 € instead of 200 €

Presentation to make

During our first exchange, please present yourself a minimum (Age, physical description, why you want a meeting with me, ...). A possible photo of your face would be a plus, but for the sake of discretion, I understand that some are reluctant. I like knowing who I'm dealing with and being treated well.
You must address me if you want to have a BDSM session.
I only answer SMS, it's much easier for me to manage. All your phone calls will therefore be unanswered unless we agree together (by SMS) on a call to discuss the details of a possible meeting.
Please read the other pages of the site before making an appointment.
Thank you for taking the time to read my announcement seriously and in its entirety and see you very soon! ❤️